A few simple steps towards self love:

Can you remember the last time that you told yourself that you were proud of the work you put out, that you like the way you look, that you’re enough? We don’t tell ourselves these things as often as we should. Truth is? We’re usually doing a lot better than we think we are and the way that we see ourselves isn’t accurate. Too often we treat self love like a reward that we’ll eventually earn someday, when we’ve finally reached the perfect version of ourselves that we’ve been working toward. This behavior implies that our self-love is based on, or subject to, our being objectively “good” or “successful.” I’ve come up with four simple steps toward self love that I think we can all benefit from. Emily Johnson Women Empowering Women-1

Mind your inner voice:

We’re our toughest critics and our minds are masters at making us feel inferior. Pay attention to what you think about yourself and anytime you think one not-so-great thing about yourself, counter it with 3 things that ARE great about you. Throw out the bad thoughts and redirect your mind toward more positive and confidence building behaviors. Emily Johnson Women Empowering Women-1

Take care of yourself:

We hear it all the time. We need to exercise, eat right, take time to meditate and unwind, get enough sleep, buy the shoes, eat the cake. We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. When you fuel and take care of your body, your body will take care of you. Self-esteem and self love go hand in hand. We can’t have one without the other, so doing all of these things will help you become the best version of yourself. Emily Johnson Women Empowering Women-1

Set and respect your boundaries:

If something is bothering you, or is something that you KNOW isn’t good for you, get rid of it. Don’t let it into your life. Don’t ever tolerate being treated as anything less than what you deserve. Don’t let anyone treat you like a doormat. Set boundaries and then respect them. Make sure that other people are aware of them and don’t cave. Part of self love is knowing what makes you happy or unhappy and then filtering out the bad. Emily Johnson Women Empowering Women-1

Pay attention to your spirituality:

Whether you believe in religion or a higher being, each of us needs to pay attention to our spirituality. When many of us list off the things that we find essential to our health, we usually mention food, water, clean air, shelter, financial stability, companionship, and shelter. We sometimes forget that our spirituality is just as important as all of the others. Believing in something greater than ourselves opens us up to a greater capacity for trust and faith. We’ll learn to trust our intuition and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves in the meantime. All of the new thoughts, feelings, and raw emotions that we’ll experience spiritually will help us appreciate ourselves more, especially if we’re true to ourselves and focus on being authentic. Emily Johnson Women Empowering Women-2

What’s one thing you love about yourself? Share it in the comments.

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