Hi, I’m Emily – Mom. Photographer. Creative. BYU-Idaho Alumni. Semi-recent resident of the Phoenix area.

I specialize in family, portrait, and birth photography. I’m interested in expanding my expertise, so I’m open to almost any type of photo session. Send me a message if you have any questions about the services I offer.



“I love Emily‚Äôs work! I am constantly mesmerized by the images she captures of starry nights!”


“Emily puts her all into her photo shoots and edits. She stays up late after her photo shoots so her customers can get their pics the next day! I definitely recommend her!”


She did a fantastic job with our extended family pictures!!”


“Emily Rochelle Johnson took pictures of our kids tonight. She did such a great job! If you are looking for someone to take your pictures, I highly recommend her.”



My First Paid Senior Session

My First Paid Senior Session Couldn't Have Gone Better: So much has happened since the last time I've posted. I graduated from BYUI with a bachelor's degree in communication, moved to Phoenix, and have decided to go BACK to school to pursue a medical degree. I've...

Clay Family

Fall is in full swing over here in Southeast Idaho so we've been trying to take as much advantage of it as possible. I took this cute little family out to the Palisades for their family session and it was PERFECT. The colors were vibrant and it was still warm outside....

Apple Crisp

Fall is my favorite season, not because it brings with it cold nights and frosty mornings, but because of the smells and colors. I love them all. I wanted to capture both of those things this afternoon when I was showing my girls how to make apple crisp. It was...

Mountain Elopement

What it was like to shoot an elopement in the mountains: Earlier last week I received a text from an acquaintance, asking if I would like to be the photographer at her wedding. The catch? They planned to get eloped out in the mountains of Island Park and I would only...

New Logo

Take a Peek at Emily Rochelle Johnson's New Logo. I took a professional imaging class this previous spring where we were asked to design a logo for one of our class projects. I quickly made one up in Illustrator and submitted it for grading. Little did I know that...

New School Year

First day of the new school year: I remember hearing it all the time before I became a mother, and didn't understand it until I was one. "I blinked." It's so true. It feels like just yesterday that I was counting my little babies' toes and promising them the world....

Self Love

A few simple steps towards self love: Can you remember the last time that you told yourself that you were proud of the work you put out, that you like the way you look, that you're enough? We don't tell ourselves these things as often as we should. Truth is? We're...

Photographer’s Anxiety

Photographer's anxiety and how to deal with it: A few months ago I made the decision to stray away from solely landscape and astrophotography, and to start doing more portrait sessions. Why? Because it terrifies me. I remember reading that if something scares you,...

Senior Session

Now Offering Senior Sessions: There's been a lot going on in my life lately. I've graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Science in Communication, spent two weeks with my family from Illinois, and have since been on the hunt for a job. We also spent a few days in...

Creative Composition

How to Do a Creative Composition: I've really come to love Photoshop over the last year or so. Don't get me wrong, I still love Lightroom for its ability to handle mass amounts of photos at once, but Photoshop is a beast of its own. I decided to put it to the test...